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official unwritten pistols demos for Labels and music lovers to check out! All updated and some songs the vocals are re-recorded due to some changes. thank you


released October 29, 2016

Jerry Whiting: Recording engineer and mixing @ ROOM 9 recordings
Zoe Tricoche: Guitar/Vocals
Curtis Burckel: Bass Guitar
Ryan Smith: Drums
Wyatt Gonzales: rhythm guitar on Nyarlathrotep/Diamorphine
Songs Written by Unwritten Pistols



all rights reserved


Unwritten Pistols Rancho Cucamonga, California

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Track Name: 2D Porn
Just watch your 2D porn
Alone in you room
over sexualizethe female body
you know you do

Just be all alone
its sad but true

You'll Cry out your dick
tears of pure glue

Over sexualize the female body
its opening your wounds
Make sure you hide it well
just find your moon

just watch your 2D porn
alone in your room

over sexualize the female body
its sad but true
Track Name: Little Witch
How high can you get when youre stuck in debt
How low can you go out a widow

Can you touch me there
Can you touch my head
can you touch my mind
can you ruin my life

you little witch
youre not at all a bitch

Can you pull my strings
can you take my rings
can you take my life

Can you make me cry

You little witch
youre not at all a bitch
Track Name: Intro (Honey I'm Home)
All alone in the kitchen
husband comes home hes late
you know hes been cheatin
you punish in a way


grab your knife and stab him fifty times
tell the cops it was suicide
Track Name: Nyarlathrotep
Its the king of abortion and life
Don't you fight him you'll fall on your knife
Don't you dare rowel up a fight
He will rule and destroy all of life

find the noose and ring up the dogs
Theres a war now please notice your flaws
Kill the man who says he isnt weak
but the one who changes all the freaks
Track Name: Journal No.7

I know why i'm here tonight
im here to melt your face
look behind the eyes of god
he wont be here today
close your mouth and take the wrath
of a man without a face
look behind the eyes of god he wont be here today

I know why im red tonight
my bed has sand and sweat
I cant sleep with thought of this
you shared my life with dread
watch you fall with tears inside
for all those journals read

Track Name: Diamorphine
For God sakes give the people what they need
A few more pills
and theyll be alright
I will tell them that its a nice place to be
and i'll lie to their face and say its a treat
i will tell them (3x)
Its a nice place to be

Tie the noose around and around your arm
pierce your veins with the red rust
go slow and dont say a word
We'll be there once your ash and burned

We're all gay (as in happy)

Itll be sold real cheap
Just think about who those youll see
might lose some family here and there
dont worry itll be a scare

We'll be there when youre ash and gone
just one more string and youll be wrong
Pollinate Radicate
Suffocate Runaway
Pollinate Radicate
Suffocate Runaway
Track Name: Theres something about this we are all living through thats kinda nice
I dont know